Meal planning with a difference.

Victus Health Meal Planning

Imagine if there was a program where your health care practitioner could:
1. choose the type of diet you want to follow, like paleo or whole foods, or gluten free, or keto for example.
2. then they could enter foods or food groups you want to eliminate, like dairy, or salicylates, or red meat for example. 
3. while also eliminating foods you’re intolerant to or don’t like, like nitrates or chocolate for example.
4. And after all that you get HEAPS of meals and recipes that meet all the above requirements. Enough to make meal plans for every meal of the day. How good would that be?!
How much easier would meal time and meal prep be then?! 
We can’t wait to start offering this program to our clients at Evolve Naturally.

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