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Have you heard about body weight set point?

Research is showing us that everyone has a set point in regards to their weight. A weight at which our brain feels happy about our chances of survival. When we deviate from this weight, our brain makes things occur that will reduce the likelihood of further changes and encourages us to go back to our set point. This is one reason why losing weight is so flipping hard. We aren’t all doomed tho. Studies are showing us ways we can encourage a reduction in our set point. Doing this will help make losing weight and keeping not off so much more achievable!

Increase your intake of protein. On average, women need 1.0-1.5gms per kilo of body weight and men 1.5-2gms per kilo of body weight. Can’t be bothered weighing and measuring food? Me neither!! I use the size and thickness of my palm as a guide for meals and the size and thickness of my three middle fingers as a guide for snacks.
The more scrumptious a meal is, the more our brain will make us want more. Train your palate to like less palatable food. Reduce the use of heavily flavoured sauces, and heavily processed, high fat and sugar foods, all of which are so bloody tasty and make our brain just want us to eat more. It doesn’t take long to retrain the palate to start enjoying less flavoursome, more wholesome foods.
Reduce either your intake of carbs OR fat. Yep, you read that right! It’s the combination of carbs and fat that make foods so yummy (think pastries, hot chips, and ice cream). Studies are showing if you reduce one or the other (carbs or fat), this not only reduces calories consumed but also the palatibility of the food, which reduces the brains desire to eat more.
Our brain is designed to defend us against anything that could reduce our chance of survival. This is why, when we cut calories dramatically, our body slows our metabolism right down, makes a more hungry, and makes us less motivated to exercise. It’s protecting us from the famine that’s never coming! We can lessen the impact our brain has on these aspects by following intermittent dieting. Reduce your calories by following the previous tips for two weeks, then eat normally (and sensibly but without the calorie reduction) for two weeks and repeat until you’ve reached your goal.

Ultimately weight loss is calories in versus calories out. We need to eat less than we burn. By slowly shifting your body’s set point, you’ll no longer be fighting your brain and it’s influence when it comes to living life at a healthy weight.

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